Video delivery

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So, you’ve had your video created. Apart from inserting into your PowerPoint and Prezi presentations, and playing off your laptop and your iPad, there’s a choice of playing it off your website … or one of several video streaming services.

The most common are above, but for the serious marketer there is a growing choice which enables you to choose HOW your video plays, IF it has competitors’ adverts all over it, WHETHER you can choose to let other competing videos to play at the end, OR lead those viewers to YOUR website! And there is plenty of choice. Free and paid for!

So … we’ve been researching all of them and have some interesting results – without taking sides!

Click on the logos to view the various offerings and scroll down to review our comparison chart.

Easy Video Suite Me!Box MediaZilla
Nideo Simple Video Pro Vimeo
Wipster Wistia YouTube

Self-hosting –

This is easy, and allows you to retain total control. However, it won’t necessarily have as much SEO punch that a lot of the other services provide, and takes up space and bandwidth on your own hosting systems, especially if it has lots of hits/viewings. So, if you can, let another service take the strain.

YouTube –

This is the most common, and easiest if you have your own (free) channel created. And with plenty of SEO capabilities, especially as it’s owned by Google. However,  YouTube videos have the contentID ‘feature’. This is when copyrighted material is found (e.g. Music) – YouTube then automatically adds an advert at the normal few seconds in point. This was originally intended for companies not paying for the music copyright, so YouTube redresses that. However, as many music libraries have signed up to this ‘service’, this still results in ads on videos that have been properly and legally licensed. The music copyright holder can still go in and remove the ad manually, but this has to be done every upload. You also have to disable the ‘similar’ screen at the end, so you don’t then see embarrassing  competitor videos! Fast and free, but your control is limited.

Vimeo –

This comes in 3 flavours (free, Plus or pro) and is favoured by the production community as there is ample control in all senses, depending on the flavour you choose. See the Video distribution chart below.

Others –

It’s a good idea to have a look at these as they all offer something different, depending on your requirements. Worth looking at Nideo, Wistia and MediaZilla at least. Again, have a look at the comparison chart on the Video distribution button below.

View the latest version of our comparison chart, which will never be up-to-date, here: Video distribution