Team360’s Live Events Reel – Team360’s live events coverage synopsis – with videos and podcasts delivery during and after events for publication on websites and social media: for Audi, Capita, Edexcel, GiBe Finance, Lindt, New Street Group, Pearson, People1st, SSTL, STEMNET, Surrey County Council.

GiBe Financial
– coverage of Mercedes Benz World’s hosting of GiBe Finance’s Financial Conference for CFOs, capturing the event, and the delegates’ comments for use as a record of the day and for future promotions. We also provided soundtracks (mp3’s) of all sessions, for social.

GL Education @COBIS London 02 Conference
– opening session quick cuts. We covered the complete 2 day conference with 3 camera crews, including breakout sessions.

Team360 also interviewed keynote and specialist speakers throughout the weekend.

Record Store Day – – coverage of shop action, taking in views from the public in all flavours!

Interim Partners NED Panel Event – – coverage of the first panel discussion on NED responsibilities, at their One Angel Court HQ, Bank of England.

Interim Partners NED 2020 – – live coverage of the panel event, looking forward to the widening responsibilities of upcoming legislation, beyond ‘fintech’.

Audi Dealer Event – we were asked to edit supplied footage for the dealer event, to show off last year’s events at Head Office!

Lindt & Sprüngli BDT Conference – – creation of a short video for their Business Development Team’s annual conference, with archive from their 15 years of operation in the UK, re-creating the team’s growth and acknowledging their successes.

Woking Means Business Expo
– attending and recording the show, including business presentations, and interview exhibitors and attendees for their views.

Our third year in a row. Great fun!