Interim Partners 2020
– live coverage of Interim Partners’ NED panel discussion event at their One Angel Court HQ, Bank of England, looking forward to the 2020’s, with the widening responsibilities of new and upcoming legislation ensuing, encompassing all industries beyond ‘fintech’.

GiBe Financial
– coverage of Mercedes Benz World’s hosting of GiBe Finance’s Financial Conference for CFOs, capturing the event, and the delegates’ comments for use as a record of the day and for future promotions. We also provided soundtracks (mp3’s) of all sessions, for social.

GL Education @COBIS London 02 Conference
– opening session quick cuts. We covered the complete 2 day conference with 3 camera crews, including breakout sessions.

Team360 also interviewed keynote and specialist speakers throughout the weekend.

Record Store Day –
– coverage of shop action, taking in views from the public in all flavours!

Interim Partners NED Panel Event –
– coverage of the first panel discussion on NED responsibilities, at their One Angel Court HQ, Bank of England.

The Silence of After, According to Mozart – prequel sequence by Matthew Curnier, coverage of live studio recording.

Audi Dealer Event
– we were asked to edit supplied footage for the dealer event, to show off last year’s events at Head Office!

Lindt & Sprüngli BDT Conference –
– creation of a short video for their Business Development Team’s annual conference, with archive from their 15 years of operation in the UK, re-creating the team’s growth and acknowledging their successes.

Woking Means Business Expo
– attending and recording the show, including business presentations, and interview exhibitors and attendees for their views.

Our third year in a row. Great fun!