Lindt & Sprüngli, of Master Chocolatier fame, invited us to create a short video for their Business Development Team’s annual conference, with archive from their 15 years of operation in the UK. It was to re-create the team’s growth over that time throughout the UK and to acknowledge their successes.

As well as creating animations throughout, we devised a team growth map of the UK over those 15 years. This clip shows a small part of the video, as it was an internal event, but does give an idea of the project!


This new approach video for GL Assessment is for secondary school heads and heads of department, aimed at answering the question ‘why CAT4’? Now with over 4k views!

Cognitive Abilities Tests are becoming more recognised in education, helping understand the pace of learning required for each student at Key Stage 7 and beyond.

The video uses a mix of animation with graphics, linked to a professional voice-over track. We’ll be watching out over the next year to see the result.


Invited by Premier Magazine to interview and film at Electec’s new media demonstration suite, we were left in awe at the amazing ‘touch of a button’ technology.

Everything is remotely controlled – lighting, mirror TV, hidden projector and screen, hidden surround sound speakers, window blinds, sound systems, heating and security.

Electec design and create a full multimedia experience for the home, to customers’ individual specifications and they certainly vary. Ask Alexa – and she can deliver!

GDPR LITE TRAINING – as part of our work on this project of over 90 videos (promos, training and animations). We’ve just completed the 30 minutes ‘Lite’ training video version, to act as a key learning introduction. With the main aspects required for compliance. Short and sweet.

COUNTER FEET – Ali comes from Syria. He had his own factory employing 15 people making counterfeit goods. But things happened and he arrived with his family in the UK in 2015, wanting to start a business again, and he has! See this story to find out what happened.

CAPITAL TUITION GROUP PROMO – following the production of the CTG A Level Economics series of videos. We’ve just completed this introduction for the Group, setting the features and benefits of the teaching team, along with how the team works with students to gain those better grades .


Over the last year we’ve been recording pilates classes all over Surrey, and in studio. 

Jessica Pilates, a Guildford based Pilates company offers group classes and one-to-ones for those struggling with lower back pain. Or any other form of aches and pain.


Record Store Day is the one day of the year when over 240 independent record shops celebrate their unique culture. Special vinyl releases are made exclusively for the day.

Many shops and cities host artist performances and events to mark the occasion. This resulted in crowds literally round the block!

GL Assessment – Exact

Following our demonstration videos for GL Assessment last year covering six Special Needs assessments (SEN) products such as Exact, Rapid, CoPS, Recall, ViSS and LASS, we’ve been invited back to remake the series following updates to the demo content.

First completed is the Exact demo, which you can view above.