Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours

Continuing to develop our Virtual Tours first started in 2007, the technology has enabled Team360 to create exciting 360˚ interactive and immersive journeys for learning, demonstration and understanding about history, art, civilisation and technology.

Tours provide their own immersive journey, taking the viewer through as many scenes as they wish in their own time, and can include relationship maps (floor plans, ground plans and architectural 3D views) with zoom capability, auto rotation, hotspots, descriptions in text or downloadable PDFs, pop-ups and sound tracks.

Rich in material, these tours can be used as portfolios, product definitions, and journeys through time (with time-lines), providing a rich and very different approach to communicating ideas.

Successfully completed 360 Virtual Tours have been for Edexcel International, Farlington School, Greenwich University, Sovereign Specials (Waymade Pharmaceuticals) and Surrey County Council, to name but a few.

To enjoy a few examples, click here.

Contact us for more details, and we’d be very happy to discuss your requirements.

Virtual Events

Virtual Events

As practically all our productions in 2020 were ‘Virtual’ – online demos, green screens, drone footage and stock promos – we were delighted to be asked by Echo Research to produce their 2020 Virtual Events Summit Leadership Series.

Using the Zoom platform (other brands are available), we produced and directed 7 international virtual events. Guests were attending from New York, Hong Kong, Sydney and the UK, over three weeks in November.

Prior to the events we also created the new Echo Promo film ‘Aim for Better’, and also their new ‘Echo.Live.2020’ YouTube channel, which hosts all the event videos. These include the full 60 minute sessions and also highlights.

As part of the production we also created animated countdown clocks, waiting rooms and breakout ‘coffee’ rooms for delegates to ‘mingle’, prior to the main events.

Great fun was had by all, with many accolades but not enough time to answer all the questions!


During 2020 the world has been learning a new normal, and we’re no exception.

With our wide experience in digital production and live events since the 90’s, we can now easily combine all our existing off-line and on-line production methods with virtual events’ platforms to create the Team360 Virtual Events service for 100 to 3,000 delegates:

Live Streaming
Breakout Rooms
Live Action Q&A
Video Recording within 24 hours
Podcast Recording within 12 hours
Presentation Training
Virtual Backgrounds
Countdown Clocks
Dedicated YouTube Channels
Studio Package with Green Screen
Design & Branding
Promo Production & Teaser Campaigns
Marketing with Social Media
Production Office

So if you’d like to talk through your ideas for a future virtual event, or series of events, distanced and international, please do contact us for an initial chat.

E-learning today

E-learning today

E-learning today is conducted via electronic media, typically on the Internet;
“successful e-learning depends on the self-motivation of individuals to study effectively”

Having been involved in e-learning projects over the last 20 years, we’ve seen a lot of changes.


Originally known as Computer Based Training, e-learning was distributed to learners via Laser disc and CD-ROM. Then via DVD and now the internet, where increased band-width allows for faster access.


E-learning today is imparting knowledge on media and electronic devices. It has extended the method of learning from home to all students.

This is used for induction (onboarding) and CPD, easily accessible with all devices. This includes PCs, tablets or mobile phones, enabling tests and certification.

It can include text, video, audio, animation and virtual environments. This can be a very rich learning experience that can surpasses the level of training you might experience in a crowded classroom. It is self-paced, hands-on learning.

Typically projects are divided into a series of modules linked together in a progressive order. The learner completes a course having successfully passed a series of Q&As, often set out as Multiple Choice Questions.


We’ve worked with various organisations over the last 20 years:

  • Guidant on the ‘Heart’ for specialists fitting pacemakers in surgery,
  • Zimmer on ‘Knee Replacement’,
  • Aylesbury Vale District Council on ‘Customer Care’,
  • Hyde Housing Group’s Induction Course,
  • QVC’s Induction Course,
  • Surrey County Council’s ‘Business Continuity Programme’,
  • Pearson’s Test of English,
  • GDPR Academy’s e-learning/commerce website,
  • Capital Tuition Group’s ‘A’ level Economics,
  • Jessica Pilates’ home training series,
  • GL Assessment’s series of instructional videos on their latest offerings, with internal and external expert commentaries. These are accompanied by a wealth of demonstrations, ‘how-tos’, product visualisations and interviews.

Future Approaches

Team360 has also included ‘branching’ within videos and modules, to add additional richness in the learning environment. One example at GL Assessment can be viewed here.

If you would like to see examples of our work, or talk about one of yours, please contact us for a demo.

Lockdown Videos

Lockdown Videos

Getting a production team outside to film can be tricky these days, depending on the levels of safety necessary for Covid-19. But don’t worry, there are many ways to video recording from lockdown;


Team360 supplies single cameramen with their own (long) sound booms for outdoor interviews (like the BBC).


With our fully licenced drones, we can get closer quality footage, however inaccessible!


We use stock libraries as well as our own archives for vision and soundtracks. This just in case video recording from lockdown is not always possible.


Whether it’s 2D (flat illustrative/cartoon) style or 3D, we can create from scratch or source for idents and logos.

Archive footage

Team360’s production archive has material recently created as well as going back 20 years, so name your content! It doesn’t necessarily mean all material has to be video recording from lockdown.


Professional voice-overs can be recorded in our home studio or remotely with our team of professionals from their own studios.


Send us your smartphone self-recordings. Don’t worry, we can help you get the best results. (You don’t need 4K cameras on your phone btw.) Another form of lockdown videos!


The ubiquitous WebEx, GoToWebinar, MS Teams, Adobe Connect and Zoom all have recording facilities, so your footage can be recorded remotely.

Again, we can help you improve the visual recording quality and recommend the best platform for your needs. Especially those that record at HD video quality.

So, anything is possible with lockdown videos!

BREAKING NEWS: See our latest May UPDATE following Government loosening of restrictions.

FOR ENQUIRIES: Please contact us here for ideas and a free quote.

FURTHER READING: From the Production Industry.


Since the Government announced that work that cannot be done at home, can now happen as long as social distancing measures are put in place.

So we can begin to film live action video production projects once more whilst COVID-19 restrictions still apply.

Below are the strict measures that all Team360 crew, talent and clients will follow for live action filming:


A full risk assessment will be carried out with the client to ensure that the shoot can take place safely.
All pre-production meetings will take place by video call.

Locations – for Lockdown videos

All filming locations including client offices, studios and external spaces must be large enough for social distancing.

This accounts for crew, talent and clients to obtain a 2m distance from each other throughout set-up, filming and de-rigging.

If a location already has social distancing measures in place, all crew, talent and clients will follow guidelines.

Open areas such as atriums or open plan offices should be utilised, or the shoot should take place outdoors.

Cast and Crew

No-one who is considered vulnerable or at-risk should be included in the video production.

Anyone whose household includes someone who is vulnerable or at-risk should also undertake their own risk assessment before agreeing to take part.

Equipment – for Lockdown videos

Only Team360 crew will have contact with video production equipment. All equipment will be cleaned before and after filming.

Boom mics are used on all shoots to ensure we maintain social distancing. If a tie mic is required, this will need to be self-applied.


Crew, talent and clients are requested to travel to the location individually and by car, avoiding public transport where possible.

If public transport must be used then social distancing must be observed and a face covering used.

Hygiene – for Lockdown videos

All crew and talent will undertake hand washing upon arrival at the location and continue this routinely throughout the shoot.

Crew will also carry hand sanitiser in case hand washing facilities are not available.

Any surfaces that crew have touched will be thoroughly cleaned before leaving the premises.

PPE – for Lockdown videos

Crew will wear medical gloves throughout the shoot if deemed necessary.

Crew may also wear face masks if it is deemed necessary for the added safety of those being filmed.

Hair & Makeup

If hair and make-up is required, to keep the 2m social distancing measures in place, this will need to be self applied with direction.


If any crew members, talent or client representatives are showing any of the following symptoms ahead of the shoot, they will need to self isolate for 14 days. Replacements will be sought, otherwise the shoot may be postponed:

– High temperature
– New persistent cough
– Flu-like symptoms
– Sudden loss of smell and/or taste

Post-production – for Lockdown videos

Once the shoot is complete the footage will be taken back to the Team360 office to be backed-up , both locally and onto Cloud.

Post-production will then either be carried out by a crew member at home using a copy of the footage. Otherwise in the production office if there is adequate space available to work whilst maintaining social distancing.

Reviews, comments and sign-offs can all be completed on-line using our Vimeo review systems. This is followed by download or direct publishing from the same systems.


We know that this will change over the next few months, so we will be updating this article as and when appropriate.

With all lockdown video production, we are always aware of the latest techniques. Team360 will be following this with our peers in all aspects, whether from broadcast, corporate or e-learning environments.