As practically all our productions this year have been ‘Virtual’ – online demos, green screens, drone footage and stock promos – we were delighted to be asked by Echo Research to produce their 2020 Virtual Events Summit Leadership Series.

Using the Zoom platform (other brands are available), we produced and directed 7 international virtual events. Guests were attending from New York, Hong Kong, Sydney and the UK, over three weeks in November.

Prior to the events we also created the new Echo Promo film ‘Aim for Better’, and also their new ‘Echo.Live.2020’ YouTube channel, which hosts all the event videos. These include the full 60 minute sessions and also highlights.

As part of the production we also created animated countdown clocks, waiting rooms and breakout ‘coffee’ rooms for delegates to ‘mingle’, prior to the main events.

Great fun was had by all, with many accolades but not enough time to answer all the questions!