2020 Video Marketing Trends

TREND 3. The Rise of Short & Vertical Videos.

More than 75% of world video viewing happens on mobile, according to eMarketer. Naturally, we might expect to see the rise of vertical videos, as it’s the way we hold our phones, after all. With more information pushed out there for people to consume and shorter attention spans, videos will become shorter, too.

We’ll see a lot more vertical video as well as platforms giving us vertical formats to play with and prioritizing vertical video.

We’ll also see the continued trend of “Netflixed” video content or content that is serial in nature. We love to binge watch entire series, so smart brands that think like a producer of a Netflix limited series will see audiences gobble up their content.

We will likely see a continued divide in where short form and long form content works best. YouTube will continue to be the King of long-form video content and Facebook will continue to be the place where we share short, engaging video that can capture attention on the fast moving newsfeed. So… empower your entire team to be able to capture and create short, social video and use tools like Wave to edit and publish them quickly.

Instagam example: One form of video marketing that we can expect to see become even more popular is the use of video ads in Instagram stories. Ads in stories allow you to jump right to the top of users Instagram feeds. Your ads will appear in between the stories of users friends. And because users are already focused on the content, these full-screen ads will be quite effective at grabbing- and retaining – their attention.

In order to create Instagram story ads that successfully convert, content creators will need to put their focus on creating quick, eye-catching videos with sharp design and convincing CTAs. When properly executed, you’ll find that targeted story ads will play a huge part in converting and engaging users on the platform.

The biggest trend in 2019 has to be vertical video. As more and more consumers watch video on their phone and become more reluctant to twist it around to the horizontal format we need to adapt.

Take a look at your analytics and social statistics. If your audience predominantly visit from mobile you need to adapt at least some of your videos for that format.

The second trend for 2019 will be even more stories. Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Snapchat. When you create video elements for these platforms video editing and movement are hugely important to keep your audience’s attention. If you can get creative here you’ll get better results.

The rise of short form content. 30-second videos will dominate, boomerangs, tiktoks, etc… will fill the news feeds and people will absolutely love it. We’ll see business owners and entrepreneurs CRUSH new sales with short videos rather than longer sales videos.

Now that IGTV and YouTube do allow vertical videos, small and large brand alike will include them in their advertising strategies of 2020, and see brand awareness and user engagement rise further.

Instagram was already an excellent platform for travel vloggers, public figures and entrepreneurs. But the introduction of Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Live Videos took it to a new level. Especially Stories (which was copied from SnapChat for sure) saw everyone who may not have great photos leverage Instagram for pictures adopt to Instagram.

As of 2018, Instagram Stories already have had 400 million daily active users (and surely lots of them must be using video as well).

This rise of video creation on Instagram is bound to increase in 2019, and beyond in 2020.

5 years ago, good content based videos around 3-4 minutes were performing very well. More recently, it’s become very very short, as short as 10 seconds on some channels. I believe the longer form content is coming back slowly due to the ‘The Second Screen Phenomenon’. We’re all guilty of it – scrolling through Facebook or Watching YouTube while the TV is on. Brands are finding ways to capitalise on this idea, with video being at the forefront. Researchers are suggesting that the second screen could become just as, or even more influential in online habits this year.


Trend 4 – Next Month … Creating Videos will be Easier.